Toni Sanchez 27 March 2013 Link:

"This set of high quality textures made my game look much better with just a couple of clicks! These are very high quality game ready textures, including all needed maps like normal, specular or reflection. A must have for any game developer. Fantastic attention to detail, worth every penny!"

LDAsh 20 May 2013 Link:

"I've bought some of these from and I have to attest to the quality of these materials. They look wonderful in NeoAxis (as with any engine that supports normalmapping) when moving dynamic lights around, the quality of truly well constructed!"

Mr F 23 March 2015 Link:

"I was really pleased to discover CrazyTextures as a source of professionally crafted texture maps. While there are many sites with photos you can use for textures, today graphics pipelines also require accurate calibration, tiling, adequate surface normal, glossiness and even a height map in some cases. CrazyTextures has everything mentioned, and I'm especially impressed with the care put into normal map creation. These maps can be a great addition to your game and a good reference for testing graphics engines."