We offer expertly made, seamless turnkey textures ready for use in your 3D projects.

Every texture includes a diffuse map, specular map, roughness map, normal map and height map, and measures at least 1024x1024 px.

We have experience with AAA game projects, so our textures are primarily suited to cutting-edge 3D games, but are also practicable for any graphical purposes.

You're welcome to download our free samples and inspect the quality of our textures.

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Note that we have a flexible discount system! Select your desired textures and see what discount we can offer you.

3% discount on 2-5 textures
6% discount on 6-10 textures
9% discount on 11-15 textures
12% discount on 16-20 textures
15% discount on 21 and more textures

How it works

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Payments can be made via PayPal or Skrill (moneybookers), after confirmation has been received.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

A. Definitions

  1. «Content» means all textures published on the website www.crazytextures.com.
  2. The term «Inseparable Content» means Content that cannot be separated from the application or product and used independently without using reverse-engineering tools or techniques. For complete clarity, Inseparable Content implies the use of Content that excludes the further transfer of Content without an accompanying application or product that is a part of the Inseparable Content.
  3. «User» is any person who uses the Content placed on the website www. crazytextures. com.

B. Crazytextures.com Purchaser Agreement

Licensing rights applying to the Content are transferred at the time payment is received from the User. Licensing rights are rendered invalid immediately if the purchase is returned for any reason.

1. Rights Granted.

Crazytextures.com transfers to the User obtaining licensing rights to the Content a non-exclusive license, applicable in all countries, to use on any media device currently existing or invented in the future; and the rights to reproduce, distribute, advertise, or transfer the license, and to sell, relay, or transmit for advertising and commercial purposes the Content, only in connection with the User’s materials.

The User’s license to Content discussed in this paragraph is understood to be only Inseparable Content. The use and republishing, including the sale or transfer of Content that is not Inseparable Content, is not allowed. Permitted transfer or use of Content as a part of Inseparable Content includes, among other things:

(a) the distribution of Content as parts of a computer game, if it is contained within its own format and is displayed in the game during game play, but not in such a way that the user may use it as a good distributed or sold online.

(b) the distribution of Content as a part of a fictional or educational film, an advertising clip, an architectural visualization, or a television broadcast.

(c) distribution as content published in a book, poster, or other object.

2. Rights Not Granted.

The User understands and agrees that s/he may not resell or transfer Content, except for in cases in which it is used as a part of Inseparable Content, as stipulated above. In particular, it is forbidden to:

(a) post Content for free access,

(b) sell or transfer it individually or as a texture digest,

(c) use Content to create 3D models for the purpose of subsequent sale on 3D stock sites by virtue of which the Content in the end product does not fall under the definition of Inseparable Content.

The User also accepts and agrees that he may not carry out any other transfer that would require the transfer of written rights more extensive than those stipulated by item B(1).

All other rights and portions thereof usually included in the concept of copyright are excluded from this license, and remain the property of Crazytextures.com.